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I took this picture this past summer, while attending a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game. I was there as a spectator, not a photographer, but did bring a camera to take some fun shots. There were a group of young Phillies “Phans” a few rows in front of me, who were very enthusiastic about cheering for their favorite team.
The phan in the picture had just caught a ball thrown to her by one of the players. She was looking over her shoulder towards her dad to show him the ball, when I snapped this photo. Her wild pig tails, vibrant face paint and joyful smile was the trifecia of photogenic cuteness. Now, the image would be greatly improved if I could have gotten her to look at the camera. But, it is still a cute photograph. I shot the photo with my Canon 7D with a 70-300mm lens. I used a local length of 155mm, 1/250 of a second at f5, with a 500 ISO.
This is an example of the types of photos I take when I attend a sporting event as a spectator. When shooting from the stands with minimal equipment, you do not have the physical access or gear at your disposal to capture “Sport Illustrated” quality action shots of the game. So, instead of coming home with only sub-par images, I use a bit of creativity to capture the stories that are unfolding closer to me.
I hope you enjoyed the photo and its story. I look forward to sharing another photo next week.

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