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I took this picture last fall, while in New York City for business. I had time to kill one night by myself, so I visited the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) during one one of their “after dark” events, where the museum stays open late. I roamed around by myself with my headphones on, listening to trippy music (old Porcupine Tree, to be exact) and experiencing the artwork. It was a memorable evening… just one of those peaceful moments in life where everything just feels right.
The photo is of Monet’s Water Lillies, as displayed in MoMa. Water Lilies is displayed in a room solely dedicated to viewing this historic masterpiece. I used a 15mm fish eye lens on my Canon 7d to capture the entire room – conveying the size and magnitude of the painting (Note: the cropping of the smaller sensor on the 7D helps to subdue the fish eye effect). I wanted to capture the peaceful solitude of Monet, so I camped out in the room, waiting for a clear shot without intruders. At the last minute someone walked into the frame, providing the silhouette to the right. It was not my intention to have a person in the image. However, it added another dimension to the photo. The person adds a “story” to the picture: the story of a spectator experiencing art. It also provides further perceptive, showing the size of the painting in comparison to a person.
Another aspect of the photo that I love is the lines of the hardwood floors, as it brings movement to the photo. The lines on the floor run parallel to the painting, also providing symmetry to the photo.
I hope you enjoyed the photo and its story. I look forward to sharing another photo next week.

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