Digital Bath Media is owned and operated by Christa McHugh and Danielle Bradley.
Christa holds a Masters in Fine Art and has been involved with digital media design for over 10 years and has over 20 years of experience in photography. She also has a background in Network & Telecommunications Engineering and still actively works in the technology industry. Danielle worked for the Baltimore Sun as a Photo Editor for 12 years, where she developed an amazing eye for photography, as well as exceptional photoshop skills and post production techniques.


We enjoy blending creativity and technology to create new works and solutions, whether it is a painting, a photograph, a video production, a web site or a complex network design.  Despite the medium or technology, all of these “works of art”  require hard work, knowledge, creativity, perseverance and quality assurance.


For more information on products and services email christamchugh54@gmail.com or call 813-406-0054!